Johesk Communications is excited and proud to announce that by popular demand, we are now able to assist our customers with provisioning NBN Data & SIP Trunk Services - meaning your business' transition to the National Broadband Network just got a whole lot easier!

iiNet of course needs no introduction being already one of Australia's largest ISP's. iiNet offer inexpensive, business-grade data connections to the NBN, VOIP Trunks, and Cloud-Hosted PBX Telephone Systems (for very small businesses). These Cloud-Hosted systems start from approximately $30 per handset, per month; and still include some of the features built-in to our Panasonic & NEC Full IP-PBX telephone systems.


You may not yet have heard of Aussie Broadband; the RSP/ISP who have been dubbed 'The New Internode' by experienced industry members. Aussie Broadband have been in the Australian market for over 10 years and are known to have one of the most experienced tech teams in the indsutry. Their quality products are proven and are used (and loved) by thousands of Australians, country-wide. Aussie Broadband are slightly more expensive than some of their comparable 'Business-Grade' competitors, but provide a premium level service, with uncompromising commitments to speed, up-time and low network congestion.


Aussie Broadband - "We’re a different sort of telco"


Unlike the major Australian carriers, Aussie Broadband are a smaller, privately owned provider where you’re the one who matters most. They don’t try to offer every telco service imaginable, but the ones they do offer, they do really, really well.


They Care About Their Customers

Choosing Aussie Broadband is putting yourself first – they’ll make sure that you get what you need, at a great price and be here to help at any time. Their motivated team of local Australian service staff want to make sure that you never have a ‘big-telco’ negative experience with them.


Here’s a few reasons why thousands of people choose Aussie Broadband:-


Australian Based Support

All of their staff are locally based and their average hold time before you speak to a real, live person is only 20 seconds! Their team are patient, always go above and beyond and will keep you updated every step of the way.


Our Own Infrastructure

Unlike a lot of ‘telcos’, Aussie Broadband actually own (or are building) their own infrastructure; ensuring you get the best offering and not a capped or sub-par part of a bigger network.


Customised Solutions

Don't fit in the same box as everyone else? Aussie Broadband can tailor solutions to suit individual business needs, because not all businesses are one and the same. Find the right fit for your business, talk to Johesk about what solutions Aussie Broadband can offer today.


Be Connected, Without Any Of The Fuss

We realise how important it is to stay connected to your customers, suppliers, and the world. Aussie Broadband ensures that their services are fast and easy to use, so can just get on with your day without ever have to worry about your phone lines or internet.




N.B. Before switching to the NBN; please consider the following; that the services your business relies on heavily may not work on the NBN and may need to be upgraded or altered before applying for your connection, to ensure a smooth transition and minimal downtime for your business.


We have gathered a checklist of items below to assist you in preparing for your business' transition to the NBN.


If you are using any of the following services; please contact the friendly team at Johesk to find out more about how best to proceed; before applying to connect:



  • Fax machines or fax lines
  • ATM on site
  • EFTPOS terminals
  • HICAPS or health claim terminals
  • Wide area network, multiple sites e.g. VPN
  • Cloud services and applications
  • Monitored security alarms or cameras
  • Fire alarms
  • Lift emergency phones
  • Medical alarms